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  • What are Lab Grown Diamonds?
    Lab Grown Diamonds are exactly identical to mined diamonds from look & feel to their chemical composition. Lab Diamonds are made through a process called ‘Chemical Vapour Deposition’, creating exact temperature and pressure in which mined Diamonds are formed.
  • What Certification do you provide?
    International Gemological Institute (IGI) certifies both mined and lab Diamonds by accurately grading their features (Colour & Clarity). Each Diamond has its own unique certificate number laser inscribed on it. All our Lab Grown Diamonds are IGI Certified. We provide an IGI certificate for each diamond, which provides accurate details about the colour, clarity, cut, and carats of the diamond.
  • What is the Pricing of Lab Diamonds?
    Compared to Mined Diamonds, Lab Diamonds are around 1/10th the price, while being identical. At Devi Diamonds, We provide you the Best prices with 100% transparency. We provide you with a 3 part break up that includes the Diamond Weight, Gold Weight, and the Making.
  • What is the difference between lab diamonds and moissanite and cubic zirconia (CZ)?
    Lab diamonds surpass other simulants like moissanite and cubic zirconia in authenticity, durability, and brilliance. Lab Diamonds come under the category of Real Diamonds, whereas, these stimulants are considered gemstones or crystals that are poor in quality. Choosing lab diamonds means choosing brilliance, durability, and responsibility.
  • Do you provide customisations?
    While also having our exquisite collection at our Showroom in Gold Souk Mall, Gurugram, our experts can assist you in designing your own unique piece that will be ready in 7-10 days. You can show us images and provide us with requirements on the jewellery design, and we will provide you with estimate quotes for the jewellery.
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